Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge Tour

 The Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge is a sprawling sanctuary that spreads from Jeff Davis Parish all the way to Cameron is a federally protected home to many wildlife species.

This 35,000 acre refuge was established by the federal government back in 1937 as a way to preserve a portion of the vast marshlands of South Louisiana.  It’s also home to one of the largest concentrations of migrating waterfowl of any refuge in the entire United States.

Within the refuge is the Lacassine pool, a protected area that’s a mecca for wildlife, particularly birds, including roseate spoonbills, herons and egrets, and even alligators.

The Lacassine pool is a 16,000 acre impounded marsh, which means we control the water level in the whole 16,000 acres.  On the south side of it is the Intracoastal Waterway, the east side is Lacassine bayou, on the west side is the bell city ditch.

The refuge is closed in the winter as a water fowl sanctuary, from October 15 to March 15.  We open up March 15 and it’s like the Super Bowl over here, people line up and there will be hundreds of boats fishing that day, families and bank fishermen.

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