Maurice sewer line extension

The Village of Maurice is looking to extend its sewer lines to the undeveloped parts of their community. But it’s going cost nearly four hundred thousand dollars.

Mayor Wayne Theriot says he will use the money collected from a one point two five percent sales tax that’s been in place since 1975. That tax is solely dedicated to sewer and water projects. “It’s hardly making any interest in the bank. I think it’s being a better steward of tax payers’ money if we invest this into our sewer system for potential economic growth” said Mayor Theriot.

One area off of highway 92 and another off of Highway 167 will be involved in this project. “It will benefit all of our local merchants, increase our tax base. It will make the value of our properties go up and attract new businesses here. So it is better for us to use this money than just let it sit idle, not making anything” said Theriot.

Maps of the areas being worked on are expected to be drawn up within the next sixty days.

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