SJ Montgomery closed Friday due to smoke damage

Lafayette firefighters responded to S. J. Montgomery Elementary School on Thursday to a report of smoke in the kindergarten wing of the building.

When firefighters arrived, employees of the school informed responders that the fire was in the restroom near the kindergarten wing. Emergency crews entered the building and quickly extinguished the fire. The fire caused moderate fire damage to the restroom. The hallways near the restroom sustained minor smoke damage. 

The school administration and faculty did a great job evacuating the building when the fire-alarm activated. The school was evacuated for approximately 30 minutes before being able to return back in the building. There were no injuries reported.

Lafayette fire investigators determined that the fire was set in one of the stalls of the restroom. Toilet paper was set on fire which ignited the plastic toilet paper dispenser.

Investigators determined that a five year old female student was playing with a lighter in the restroom. The student brought the lighter to school from home.

SJ Montgomery will be closed Friday, May 23rd for cleaning due to smoke damage. The regular schedule will resume on Tuesday, May 27.

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