UL Lafayette Expands Academic Offerings

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette will offer three new academic certificates this fall. The Louisiana Board of Regents approved two graduate certificates, in business administration and professional writing, and a post-baccalaureate certificate in accounting for the University on Wednesday.

“All of the programs were designed to meet both regional and state workforce demands by giving working professionals opportunities for growth in their current positions as well as the skills necessary to be more competitive in the job market, ” said Ellen Cook, assistant vice president for Academic Affairs.

The graduate certificate in business administration is a 15-hour academic offering that will be available online. It’s designed for students who have earned a bachelor’s degree in a non-business area.

The program will enable them to gain essential business knowledge in areas such as economics, finance and management, which will provide the background needed for a new career or career advancement.

“In addition, it will provide individuals who hold a non-business degree with the necessary foundation to pursue graduate studies in business,” Cook added.

The graduate certificate in professional writing targets working professionals who want to advance their communication skills and earn a professional writing credential. It is designed to teach them advanced skills in writing, editing, document design, research, analysis and multimedia.

The program includes 12 credit hours of online coursework and a three-hour internship. Because it was designed for professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, it will admit post-baccalaureate students, regardless of major, who meet the University’s Graduate School admission requirements.

The accounting certificate is designed for those who have earned a degree in a discipline other than accounting and are seeking functional competency in the field. The program meets the requirements needed to sit for the certified public accountant exam in Louisiana.

“These and other programs currently in development align with one of the University’s core values: promotion of access, opportunity and success for all students as we help them become globally responsible, productive citizens,” said Cook.

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