Iberia Port votes down interim director

Roy Pontiff, executive director for the Port of Iberia, will be retiring on Aug. 31. On Sept. 1st there will be no one to take his position for another three weeks.

“That was one of my biggest concerns with all the projects we have going on. I think when a new tenant or an old tenant calls they want to talk to someone, you

know?…You got a lot of things going on you got a lot of projects that are just starting. You got a lot of them that are just finishing,” said Mark Dore, president of the board that oversees the port.

The port’s board of commissioners, who will term out on September 19th, unanimously voted on Tuesday to leave the top port position vacant until a new board starts.

They shot down last week’s recommendation from their Policies and Procedures Committee to hire former commissioner Raymond Bernard as interim director.

“They said ‘no, it’s going to be an interim job.’ I asked if they were going to have insurance, health insurance. They said ‘no, it was like a contract. He was considered contract’ and they weren’t going to be able to provide insurance,” said Dore.

Aside from lack of insurance, Dore says Bernard would’ve had to give up his day job.

“There’s a possibility they could have some new commissioners and there’s no guarantee Mr. Bernard could continue as far as the executive director’s job,” said Dore.  

According to the port office, there are seven commissioner positions—three are still up for grabs.

We were unable to reach Bernard for comment.   

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