Local Kids Headed to International Robotics Competition.

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Some local youngsters are blazing the way in the technology world using “Legos.” 

They’re called “Team Phoenix” and they’re headed to Canada for the “International Robotics” competition.

And they’re the only Louisiana team invited to the competition.  What’s even more Impressive. They’re between the ages of 9 and 13. Together they designed, built, and programmed a robot named “Scorcher” all made of Legos.

They’re judged on the ability of their robot to execute certain missions and in this instance, its hurricane survival. The project has taken months but it’s been a practical learning experience. 

“Blake Thomas: “finding out how to make the robot as simple as possible, but still do all the missions.”

“Caleb Williams: “although it’s on a table in a very small scale, we hope we can take it into the real world and use it to help others.”

The competition will be held in Toronto during the first weekend in June.

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