Flooding in Carencro

For the second time in two years residents of Carencro found themselves subjected to heavy rains that led to serious flooding. Many residents in the community are upset over this constant occurrence.

“It’s really, really frustrating. We’re having a hard time. Every time it rains we’re scared something like this is going to happen and it does and it changes your life for a little while,” said Megan Fontenot, a resident in Frenchmen’s Trail subdivision. Fontenot said she’s lived in the area for six years and still remembers the last major flood in the year 2012.

“The last time we had a big flood I actually got out of bed and noticed it had flooded and there was water on the floor. After getting up and getting out of the bed we had to get everyone out of the house. It took a really long time to get out of here because the roads were so flooded. It’s difficult to even get a vehicle on the road,” said Fontenot. Other residents in the community also feel that something should be done to relieve this reoccurring problem.

“By this being temporary, it’s just basically standing water and it has nowhere to go. There has to be a solution to fix this,” said Octavio Blanco, a resident in the community.

City-Parish Councilman, Jay Castille, said the council is looking into the ongoing flood issues in the area. “We have a study that’s underway to look at all of the eight coulees that are all around that area. They all dump into one major coulee, the Carencro Bayou, which is around the neighborhood. Hopefully we look at cost drains and coulee sizes and different avenues to relieve the water from the residents,” said Castille.

Castille said the study should be complete sometime this summer. There is no word yet on when any actual work will begin. Until then some residents are continuing to stay as prepared as possible and others are attempting to move.

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