High water, flooding in Scott houses

Following the torrential rain there was the inevitable clean up Wednesday afternoon. 

Some residents we spoke with in Scott had about a foot of water sitting outside their apartment building on Saint Mary Street. 

“Just clean up. It’s all you can do. You know?” said resident Rod Smith. 

Smith is one of the residents living inside that complex. He said there was half an inch of water covering his floor and he’s leaving his mop out with more rain in the forecast. 

“That’s all you can do,” said Smith. 

His landlord, Gerald Arceneaux, placed sand bags in front of Smith’s first floor apartment ahead of Thursday. But, he said, there needs to be a long term solution. 

“We’re gonna try to talk to the city and see if we can get the drainage unstopped, because it’s been a problem any time we have a big rain,” said Arceneaux. 

Scott Mayor Purvis Morrison said it’s true. Flooding is a problem in the city.

“When you looked at the FEMA map, when it first came out, we were basically all in water,” said Mayor Morrison. 

But, he said, the city and parish are investing in drainage infrastructure.

“We have a big project with coulee Ile Des Cannes. [It’s] a $6 million project that is hopefully going to start at the end of this year. We’re working with consolidated government. We got some grants from HUD,” said Morrison. 

Meanwhile, Morrison said, crews will continue to work around the clock to keep flood water draining ahead of Thursday.

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