St. Landry Parish residents affected by flooding

Parts of St. Landry Parish took a beating Wednesday morning. After nearly 12 hours of constant rainfall, roadways in Cankton looked like streaming rivers and yards—like swimming pools. While some waited it out, others waded it out.

Teurlings Catholic High School student, Olivia Broussard made a trek from her house to Highway La. 93 for a ride to school. 

“I waited it out, got a little studying done and then I was like, ‘You know what mom? I’m going to call Mimi to meet me at the end of the road because I have to get to school to take my final.’”

Make-up finals are allowed due to the flooding, but Broussard said its time to get it over with and she came with the essentials. “I got my towel, I got my shoes on, and I have my school shoes in my backpack ready to put on,” said Broussard. “So, I’m ready to go.”

Residents say high flood waters are nothing new. But, it’s the unexpected downpours that make it a nightmare to protect their belongings. For some folks, there was nothing to do but wait for the waters to recede. In some neighborhoods, that’s a very slow process. 

“There’s no drainage whatsoever,” said Cankton homeowner, Harold Duffy. “Our neighbors behind us, they can’t even get out of their houses.”

Duffy is fed up with the flooding in his area. He says it’s happened many times, so he now knows the drill. 

“I got up around 3:00 this morning,” said Duffy. “I was loading up stuff and getting things out of the way because we didn’t know how long it was going to continue to rain.”

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