Some schools to dismiss early

Due to continued flooding in the Duson Elementary area, the school is dismissing students early today. The school is experiencing significant plumbing issues that may be hazardous to the welfare of the students. Buses will bring students back to their neighborhoods. Parents have been notified. Staff will remain at the school until all children have been picked up.

Ossun Elementary School is dismissing due to the flooding in the area. Buses will transport students beginning at 9:45 am. Parents may pick up car riders as soon as possible. Due to the high water, if buses are unable to drop students off at their normal stops, they will be brought to Live Oak Elementary located on the corner of Butcher Switch and University. Ossun faculty and staff will remain with students until all are safely delivered to their families.

Charles Burke, Ridge, Westside and L Leo Judice Elementary schools will be dismissed at 12 noon (students that cannot be dropped off due to road closure will be brought to Judice Middle and parents will be notified.)

Judice and Scott Middle will be dismissed at 1:00 pm

Carencro Heights Elementary and Carencro Middle Schools are also dismissing early due to flooded area

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