Stay out of flood water, say officials

In some areas of Acadiana, flood waters are beginning to recede following two days of torrential rain, but the danger is far from over. 

Tina Stefanski, the regional medical director for the Office of Public Health in Acadiana, said flood waters might look inviting for your children to swim, but what lies beneath may pose a serious threat to their health.

“Sharp debris objects, charged power lines that can electrocute, and currents [are all dangers in the murky water],” said Stefanski. 

Stefanski said the water can never be too low.

“Young children can drown quickly in just a small amount of water,” said Stefanski. She said the water can never be too clear.

“Flooding can cause sewage systems to fail,” said Stefanski. 

Stefanski said many times water backs up out of treatment plants and into your street or yard carrying with it disease causing bacteria.

During cleaning up, she said, cover up any cuts with water proof bandages.

“If someone has an injury, particularly while cleaning up, and they have been contaminated with flood water, they should immediately wash it with soap and water,” said Stefanski. 

Stefanski said stay away from any wildlife.

“Be on the lookout for snakes, rats, and alligators,” said Stefanski. 

Stefanski said her office doesn’t have the numbers yet, but typically an increase in snake bites follows flooding in the Pelican State.

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