Youngsville City Council to adopt pay raises

The Youngsville City Council has a pay raise proposal to consider.  In fact, it appears they could have two. Youngsville Mayor Wilson Viator has another idea. It’s not about approving the pay raises – it’s about how much.

At the last Youngsville City Council meeting an ordinance was introduced to give a 7% pay increase to city police and 4% raise to other city employees.  It’s the percentage that Mayor Viator says he’s not in full agreement with. “I am in favor of a pay raise for my employees, but I’m supporting a pay raise whatever would be across the board.  The same for everybody.  That’s where I stand on that,” says Viator.

Viator also takes a stand on the seven percent increase.  He says it’s a bit excessive.  He adds that whatever the council decides he hopes it will be the same for all. The mayor adds his other recommendation excludes the Recreation Department.  “Those people just came on. We’re not going to give them any raises as of July, but the ordinance does say we will revisit their salaries in November once they have proven themselves,” adds Viator.

The mayor says he appreciates all his employees especially his staff, because as Youngsville grows so too has the work. “I am adamantly opposed to giving the police more than my people,” explains the mayor.

The council is scheduled to meet June 12 for a final vote on the ordinance.  If approved, the pay raises become effective July 1. The ordinance does not include increases for elected officials.

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