Public Housing Rents Rise

Elton Broussard is the Executive Director of the New Iberia Housing Authority, he says there’s nothing he can do, but come July 1st, his tenants paying flat rent will be paying 35 percent more.

“This is the law and that’s what I explained to them. It’s something that’s the law and you have to abide by the law. I may not like the law, but you gotta abide by it,” says Broussard.

According to Broussard, the federal mandate will apply to anyone with a flat rental fee and not those who pay rent based on income. Flat rent tenants will need to pay 80 percent of the market value for their apartment or house.

But, the law allows for a gradual increase, 35 percent a year until the 80 percent is met.

Broussard says, for example, tenants paying a flat rent for two bedrooms are paying about $280 with a 35 percent increase next month. They’ll be paying about $100 more this year.

One resident we spoke with, who declined to appear on camera or give her name, says “I think for some people they have a budget and that will be costly. They have children, groceries and bills.”

Broussard says new tenants moving in after this month have been notified. Their security deposit will go up from $250 to $600.

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