Arnaudville’s New Chief

The town of Arnaudville received a new Police Chief just a few weeks ago and he’s already implementing new programs. Chief Eddy LeCompte, a veteran in law enforcement, has been in the position for six weeks and is making a positive impact on the police department.
“The first thing I wanted to do was instill pride in the employees that were working here. We’re a team and I made that one of my top priorities to have them feel as a team,” said Chief LeCompte.

One way LeCompte is uniting the department is a more professional dress code. He’s mandating officers to wear Class A uniforms while on duty. “We’ve instituted a uniform policy where now all the officers are in uniform, and myself I either wear a uniform or coat and tie,” said Chief LeCompte.

Chief LeCompte has also instituted an employee of the month program increasing pride in the department. Another addition LeCompte’s proud of is a senior service program he’s implementing.

“The senior services program is a voluntary thing that anyone can sign up for. It allows dispatchers to be called once or twice a week or more if that’s what the citizen wants. We will also call them and check up on them,” said Chief LeCompte.

Chief LeCompte said one of his main goals while serving as police chief is to build a stronger relationship between the community and his police department.

“The only way to get to know the people is to get out of their cars. If you see citizens cutting their grass or just sitting outside drinking ice tea on their porch officers should get out of their car and talk to them and let them know who they are,” said Chief LeCompte. Patrol Officer, Jason Howell, said he’s seeing positive feedback from the community.

“The chief’s doing a pretty good job. I think the community is reacting well to it. They’ve giving us many compliments.,” said Officer Howell.

Chief LeCompte said he wants citizens to be proud of their police department and these changes are just a small step in that direction. He said he’s also looking at expanding police personnel in the near future.

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