Horse Farm board takes over

The future of the nearly 100 acre Horse Farm on Johnston Street in Lafayette is now in the hands of the Lafayette Central Park Board following approval of their master plan on Tuesday.

“I know they’re going to continuously give us updates and that will continue to happen, but at this point they can now start the actual design and most importantly they can start the fundraising,” said LCG President Joey Durel.

Durel said with less glamorous aspects of the project.

“I’m assuming that one of the first things you’ll see out there is a pavilion along with other basic infrastructure. I mean they gotta have plumbing and electricity and fiber optics,” said Durel.

The land cost about $6.5 million and millions more in public funds went into planning, but Durel said the rest will be on the backs of donors.

“Somebody might want to name a certain facility after their family and parents and whatever else. They will put up money and they will get naming rights to something like that, so now we really move forward,” said Durel.

Durel said it will move the city forward.

“The prediction is that Lafayette is going to grow by 90,000 people in less than 20 years, so that green space we take for granted right now is going to continue to get gobbled up,” said Durel.

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