Horse Farm Plan Approved


The Lafayette Consolidated Council has approved the Community Park master Plan for the former Horse Farm. In fact, some 22 supporters showed up to let the council know the plan comes with backing.

One by one people from the community stepped before the city-parish council to support the transformation of the Horse Farm on Johnston Street into a 100 acre public park. “Is to support a footprint in this park for the veterans our area,” says a local resident.

Perry Franklin of Franklin Associates worked on the community engagement component of the plan. “It’s second to none to have this amount of acreage preserved in the middle of an urbanized community. The citizens of the community came to the call,” adds Franklin.

Back in 2012, LCG purchased the property for it to be developed into a passive park. The non-profit group Lafayette Central Park is charged with its development; that includes raising funds to get the park where the community wants it to be. “The musical area that we have envisioned anticipates taking some of the soil that we excavate for the ponds and actually creating a gentle sand type of barrier that also doubles as an amphitheater,” Steven Spears of Design Workshop.

Councilman Keith Patin answers a question about security explaining a proposed plan that he says includes one entrance and exit. “The design I saw had only access from the Johnston Street; that we are not going to have access from any other points.”

The Master Plan Tuesday received the council’s full support. The executive director of Lafayette Central Park, David Calhoun says $15 million is a rough estimate for Phase One. “I think I’ve seen estimates on this overall build-out on everything you see if it was built tomorrow somewhere between $60 and $75 million,” says Calhoun

Elizabeth “EB” Brooks is the director of planning and design for LCP. Brooks adds she’s amazed by the community support and grateful to see it. “Obviously we’re thrilled the council supported this unanimously. It means the world to us; and having seen this come to fruition after 9 years of working to Save the Horse Farm and turning it into this community gem.”

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