State savings recommendations made by consultant

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) – Alvarez & Marsal, a consulting firm hired by Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration under a $5 million contract, issued its recommendations for cost-savings and revenue-generating initiatives across state government.

The ideas include: 

-Changing health care plans offered to more than 225,000 state workers, retirees and their dependents, both through premium hikes and benefit changes, to save more than $220 million a year. 

-Reducing the number of vendors the state uses for goods and services to save $55 million a year. 

-Strengthening tax collection in the Department of Revenue to raise more than $50 million in money for the state treasury each year. 

-Changing the process for buying insurance on state-owned property to save $21 million a year. 

-Requiring home health care aides to log their time through electronic timesheets rather than paper ones to cut down on errors and save $18 million a year. 

-Creating a statewide occupancy management system and database to better manage the office space owned by the state, eliminate leased space and save $11 million a year. 

-Centralizing administrative functions, consolidating equipment and hiring more in-house engineers instead of contract engineers to help the state transportation department save $20 million a year. -Property sales to generate at least $32 million.

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