Veteran Recalls Battle of Midway

72 years ago the United States defeated the Japanese in what some call the turning point of the war Against Japan.

June 4th, 1942 the United States engaged in a battle that cost them over 300 sailors, one of their best carriers in the U.S.S Yorktown, and 147 aircraft. On the other hand, japan suffered, at the hand of Americans, the loss of four carriers and a heavy cruiser and received damage another one. Steven Taylor, aviation ordinance 1st class was aboard the U.S.S. Yorktown and recalls that morning

“Taylor: “We were able to get them before. We got three of their carriers but one of them survives and that was the one that came and bombed us.”

That’s when Taylor and the crew were forced to abandon ship. Climbing down seventy feet of rope and swimming through crude oil to board the destroyer, U.S.S. Hammann. The next day after trying to repair the U.S.S Yorktown, a Japanese submarine launched torpedoes, sinking the Yorktown and Hammann.

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