Abbeville Rally Against Violence

Members of the Abbeville community joined forces in hopes of bringing an end to violence in their city. 

A rally and march was held this evening in an effort to increase awareness and send a message that violence will no longer be tolerated. Community members marched through the streets of Abbeville in a united front to end violence. Lawrence Levy III, a local pastor in the community, said he organized a “Stop the Violence” rally following a current spike in crime. “I’m hearing stories that a break in led to a murder and now retaliation is at hand. A house was burned down and shots are still being fired to this day. It’s not stopping. It seems to be escalating each day,” said Levy. Pastor Levy is one of many in the community who would like to see a positive difference. Lynette Lee, a resident of the community, said she’s worried for the children. “I’m scared one of the children may get hit with a bullet. An innocent life may be taken,” said Lee. Levy said while he’s a devoted activist for the community, he can’t bring change alone. He said there’s strength in numbers.

“I’m one person. I can’t do this by myself. If nobody else will step in, it’s going to be much harder. If I can get my community behind me get people to ask what they can do to help then we can get some things done. I can lead, but I still need some followers,” said Levy. Levy said he knows the rallies won’t stop crime completely, but hopes that they’ll have a significant impact on decreasing violence.

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