LPSS Board Rejects New Charter Applicant

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The application for the non-profit charter organization Kingdom Builders Community Development Corporation was rejected. The committee that reviewed the application before it hit the school board floor recommended the application be denied. The reasons listed included financial concerns and an unclear curriculum plan. Board Member Mark Cockerham says “right now I think we have enough in our district. I rather wait and see how those withhold the test of time.””

The CEO of Kingdom Builders, Aleashia Clarkston says the plan is to open a Career Technical Program serving 9th -12th graders. “I’m sadden that they don’t think the school will benefit the community,” adds Clarkston.

Clarkston explains they applied as a Type One Charter offering the chance to partner with the school district on education. Since that was turned away, Clarkston says the next step is the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.  “I believes it’s the June 12th deadline.  So, we will appeal our application to a Type Two charter.””

A Type 2 Charter operates independent of the district and can open to any student in the state. Board Member Dr. Tehmi Chassion adds that opening the exit doors of a failing school is not the solution. “I got schools in my district and we have to fix those schools. I wouldn’t obligate that responsibility to somebody else to have to fix those schools. It’s my job.”

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