Cajun Tailgating for the Super Regional

Ragin Cajun fans are no strangers to tailgating for their teams and baseball has them riled up.

“We’re preparing ourselves for a weekend that’s really never happened in the history of the Cajuns—a Super Regional at home,” said Ray Romero, a tailgater with the crew “Cajun Tails.”

Romero says they’ve been setting up their spot since Tuesday.  After 20 years tailgating together, they know it takes planning in order for game day fun to go off without a hitch.

“We’ve been doing this since Tuesday, (to get) a little bit (done) at a time,” said Romero. “It takes some time to make sure you don’t overlook something simple, you know? We get everything taken care of before game day so when game day comes, we can relax.”

But this time of year, the tailgating scene near the field looks a little different than it does in the fall. 

“It’s a difficult time of year because our fan base, a lot of them are on vacation and the students are away from school,” said Romero.

But the Cajun Tails say regardless of who shows up, they bring the party to game day and make the area as inviting as possible with decorative plants, flags, a welcoming attitude and of course, a lot of food.

Another Cajun Tail, Mike Strong, says his favorite part of it all is seeing familiar faces back in town for the game.

“Some of them we only get to see every couple of years. So, it’s always a reunion,” said Strong. “But, once a Cajun Tail, always a Cajun Tail. So, (there’s) a lot of good times.”

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