Scott Introduces Ordinance for Auto Shops

The City of Scott has introduced a change to the city’s ordinance for fences.

We’re told it’s not homeowners their fencing in its auto repair shops. More and more are popping up within Scott City limits. The mayor says the city has an ordinance for junk yards. But times are changing.

Scott City Councilman Bill Young says the change to the code merely adds mechanic or repair shops to the fencing ordinance list. Those shops will be required to put up a fence especially if vehicles are left out in the open.

Young: “There are some places that work on vehicles and they have 10, 12, 14 old junk cars up on blocks that look just as bad as a junkyard.”

Young explains the ordinance is for beautification purposes. The city wants its residents to be able to live near a business that doesn’t degrade their property value.

Young: “What we are going to do is contact each one individually and notify them we’ll give them a year to comply. So we will work with them.”

If anyone knows about the future plans for Scott, comprehensive plan Facilitator Pat Logan does. Logan says this ordinance if approved will strengthen a regulation that’s already in circulation.

Logan: “Specify the fence be in a uniform height with the property.  That it meets engineering standards for structures.  So it’s not always falling down and well maintained.”

Mayor Purvis Morrison says most business owners are doing a great job of maintaining their property. But a few complaints have surfaced.

Morrison: “It’s causing problems they can’t sit down outside and entertain family and friends because some of the sceneries.”

The city attorney says there are three options for dealing with non-compliance – a $500 fine, 60 days of jail time or the city can file a civil lawsuit. We’re told the ordinance will require a permit for putting up a fence and also to change one. The city attorney says appeals can be filed with the planning commission.

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