Super Regional Ticket Sales

With about 24 hours until the Ragin’ Cajun baseball team hosts Ole Miss in the Super Regionals, Cajun fans are lining up at the Cajundome box office. Matt Casbon, ULL Tickets Manager says, “Sales have been great, we are expecting more capacity crowds of this weekend just like last weekend. The Ragin’ Cajun fans are looking forward to another great weekend of baseball post season opportunity so they’re going to come out in full force.” With capacity at The Tigue just over 3,700, Casbon expects tickets to be sold out before game time, which is a success for the community. “it’s a great accomplishment by our fans and also for our baseball program, coaches and staff to have that support around them all weekend is going to be a great atmosphere for everyone out” say Casbon.

Everyone outside the stadium will mostly consist of tailgaters, and for those who weren’t able to purchase tickets and make it inside. “We’ve come up with a plan to have 80 inch TVs out here in the parking lot as well as a huge video screen out in the parking lot. So now and scan come out and enjoy the game experience by coming out and just watching the game on the monitors” say Eric Maron, Assistant Director for Athletics Marketing and Promotions. Games from around the country can be viewed on either of the three 80 inch flat screens. “We’re also going to have some food trucks out here so people can come out and really enjoy the day before the game starts. When the game starts, the monitors go to the ESPN game and you can watch our game out here in the parking lot as well as being close to the stadium” said Maron. Saturday, the box office will be open from 10am to 4pm for pickup, then will reopen at 5:30 fot tickets sells.

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