Acadia residents try to save Rice Museum

It’s a place that’s holds the history and foundation of an industry that built a community.

The building that houses these timeless pieces is located in Crowley on West Highway 90, it has been a standing structure since 1909 but in 1968 the property was donated to the parish and a group of citizens decided to start the Rice Museum. 

Charlotte Jeffers, Crowley Tourism Coordinator says, “It was to perpetuate and display and to educate people on rice and Acadiana, Acadia Parish and Crowley.” The building is filled with history and artifacts that represent the rice industry here in Acadia Parish, but even with Jeffer’s best intentions at heart, the future of the museum is still facing obstacles.

“Well, like anything else, finances; and of course labor, I need labor. The reason it closed in 2005 is because it was a nonprofit and it was run all by volunteers. The volunteers dwindled, no one stepped up and they just couldn’t do it anymore so they closed the doors.”  

With dreams of seeing the museum moved to a prime location like near the Wells Fargo Depot in historic downtown Crowley, Jeffers also has ideas on how to keep the building maintained.

“To get civic organizations especially social clubs that have to meet once a month, they would take turns with the museum and they can use the museum for their meetings” says Jeffers.

If you, your business or organization would would like to contribute in any way to the restoration of the Rice Museum, you can call Charlotte Jeffers at 337-783-0824.

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