Broussard City Council Introduces Pay Raises

The Broussard City Council introduced an ordinance last month to bump up the pay of police and fire personnel.

Broussard Fire Chief Bryan Champagne explains the proposed 4% increase is the departments standard cost of living raise. “It’s going to help us retain the firefighters that we do have on staff so that we don’t lose them to other departments,” says Champagne.

The mayor confirms the council is working on raises for city workers.

Broussard Spokesperson Amy Jones says the mayor every year submits a baseline budget, then it’s up to the city council to recommend the raises for city employees. “Expected this year will be a 4% increase for employees; and that will also cover the rising cost of health care the city is going to incur this year.”

“Also, the introduced ordinance included a 5% rate increase for water and sewer utility services. Jones says the city does small increments in rate increases just to cover costs.

“Instead of doing how a lot of municipalities do and hit their residents with 30% and 40% increase; both the mayor and city council do not want to do that to the residents of the City of Broussard,” adds Jones.

Pay raises usually begin with the adoption of a city’s budget. We’re told for Broussard budget adoption takes place during the second meeting in June of every year.

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