Teacher Testing Investigation

A Northwest High School teacher’s reputation and job are on the line following allegations of administrative testing irregularities.

News ten’s Jazmin Thibodeaux spoke with a student who claims the allegations are part of an elaborate scheme to get passing grades. 

Anonymous student: “The whole situation was a set up.”

A Saint Landry Parish school teacher is under fire after being accused of an administrative error during end of course testing at Northwest High School.

One student claims it was a plot by students to skip the final, get passing grades and get the teacher terminated.

“Anonymous student: “It was an act of jealousy. The students were mad because they had to take a final that was worth 400 points and they figured by them saying what she did would cause them not to take the final and get her fired so they felt they should just gang up on her and just call the state and say that she did something that she didn’t do.”

According to the Louisiana Department of Education, administrative error is an error that results in a security breach of the test or the accuracy of the test data. Allegations claim the teacher gave students in her seventh hour class answers to the EOC exam. 

“Anonymous: “They’re saying she released test material saying what was going to be on the test, but really it was an EOC study guide and it was a study guide she had been giving us since like the third six weeks.””

“Jazmin Thibodeaux: “The study guide the student is referring to is easily accessible on the internet. The student also says the computerized test was not taken in the presence of the teacher in question.”

“Anonymous student: “The teacher was never present while we were taking the EOC.”

The students says other students were not fond of the teacher’s strict practices.

“Anonymous Student: “She followed all of the rules and stuff and they really didn’t like it. They hated her.”

Northwest High School Principal, Gregory Campbell, declined to comment, but a Saint Landry Parish School Board official says an investigation into the matter was conducted.

Out of four of the teacher’s US History classes, only one class of about 30 students will be retested, plus a few in her first hour class.

Gloria Angus, the teacher’s attorney says retesting is not necessary.

Angus: “The students shouldn’t be retested because it cost the school $12,000 to retest the 36 students and there’s no substantiated facts that prove that there was in fact an irregularity.”

The student says it’s unfair that only a few students are required to retake the test.

Anonymous Student: “In seventh hour they were saying that she was giving answers to the students, but really they were going over the final. We had been had a final and she was preparing us for the final, but that was after the testing was over so seventh hour really didn’t have anything to do with it. I feel like if seventh hour has to retake the test everyone should have to retake the test. Students are scheduled to be retested tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.

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