Toups, Foster, Ying Yang Twins Headline Regatta

Wayne Toups, Frank Foster and the Ying Yang Twins? The 2014 musical line-up for the annual Lake Arthur Regatta may have some scratching their heads, but organizers assure it’s a strategic part of bringing the community together.

Dana Leblanc, Secretary for the Regatta Board said Wednesday, “We don’t want it to just be the younger generation or just the 45-year-olds. We want something for everybody. We are hoping this pulls a younger crowd but I’m 45-years-old and I like them (Ying Yang Twins) too. “Hopes are high that with the wide variety of music, coupled with a new date will increase the amount of people who head to Lake Arthur.

For the past three years, the Regatta was held during Memorial Day weekend, competing against the widely popular Cajun Heartland State Fair.”There was always so much going that this year we decided to move it. Normally we get about 10,000 people, but with no competition, and Wayne Toups and the Ying Yang Twins, we are hoping to increase by at least 20 percent,” said Leblanc.

One more addition to the line-up, the Mitchell Brothers Carnival. Starting Thursday, June 12th, the gates open for the Regatta’s first carnival which will stay open even after the festival ends.”We are extended the Carnival until Sunday, even though the festival ends of Saturday because of Juneteenth. It allows all those families coming to still be able to enjoy the carnival rides,” Leblanc explained.

With such a large crowd expected, revenue for the festival will boost the economy for the city and parish. Hotels, restaurants and local businesses are expected to make their highest taxable income for the year during the four days. Meanwhile, funds from the Regatta will filter back into the community through Team LA, which owns and operates the festival.

“The funds will go to beautification projects. Our goal this year is to help replace all the pavilions in the park. They are old and in disrepair and it will cost about $500,000 dollars to fix. The city will pay for some and we have a grant, but the Regatta funds will be a huge help.”

The Regatta starts June 12th and runs through June 15th. Frank Foster closes Friday night, with Wayne Toups and the Ying Yang Twins closing Saturday night.

Drag Boat exhibition, Regatta Sailboat Races, Bikini and Male Swimsuit Competition will take place Saturday. It will cost $10 dollars to enter the gates of the carnival; wristbands range from $20 dollars to $25 dollars.

No ice chests or pets will be allowed on carnival grounds and only children ages six and up will be permitted. For more information, visit

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