YouTube video sparks anger in Acadiana residents

A YouTube video is sparking anger in many Acadiana residents this week over what appears to be pet groomers abusing dogs. Following its release, the owner of Pampered Paws, Michelle Jeanmard, and another employee were issued misdemeanor summons for cruelty to animals.


Pampered Paws is normally open on Wednesday, but their sign indicates otherwise, following backlash over the video, allegedly shot at the business. The grooming salon is family owned, but it’s the daughter of Jeanmard, Nikki Meaux, who shot the video.  She says it’s not the only one.


“Yes, there’s more,” said Meaux. “It’s them just being aggressive for no reason, a lot of shouting, and a lot of anger.”


Meaux says this type of behavior has been going on for years, but after countless unanswered calls to law enforcement, she figured video would speak for itself.


“It got to the point where I couldn’t do anything else to stop it,” said Meaux. “I’ve battled with it for a long time, whether to push it to have something done.”


For customers, watching the video was shocking. Amy Cunningham has taken her dog, Journey, to Pampered Paws many times.


“When I saw the video, of course I was completely shocked at what I was seeing,” said Cunningham. “I was just praying my animal was not treated like that.”


While Cunningham says the grooming was always a job well done, she noticed her dog’s behavior change. She says after one particular visit, Journey urinated on her and cowered.


“Even at the vet my animal is very friendly and loving with everyone.  He has never shown that type of behavior before. He was completely scared and wouldn’t walk into the facility on his own,” said Cunningham.


A statement released Tuesday on behalf of the business says the video is doctored and taken out of context. But Meaux says she has around 15 unedited versions showing more abuse. She says while she loves her family, she also loves animals, too.


“It has to stop,” said Meaux. “These animals have to stop being hit. They have to stop being abused. It has to stop regardless of what the outcome is.”


News 10 has reached out to Pampered Paws for their side of the story. However, they declined an interview and said their attorneys are now handling this case.

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