Acadiana Regional to offer commercial flights

Acadiana Regional Airport Director Jason Devillier said oil and gas executives will have new alternative to the four hour drive to Houston by Summer 2015.

“We’re thinking two maybe three times a week, not that frequent, but on a fixed schedule,” said Devillier.

He describes it as a “no frills” flight; using a plane with a propeller versus a jet.

“We’re trying to keep it competitive or affordable to the oil and gas companies that need to fly people back and forth in the $300 to $400 range. We think we can accomplish that because airport expanses, airline expanses ‘in and out of the airport’ are a little bit less,” said Devillier.

Devillier said they’re in talks with United Airlines,which could take a year. The actual terminal, he said, should be completed by then, too.

“That would accommodate roughly about 50 passengers…still be large enough to accommodate departure lounge, waiting area and facilitate all of the screening process,” said Devillier.

The airport lies in a Tax Increment Financing District, where businesses in the district contribute money to development. Money for the terminal was approved by the Iberia Parish Council. Nearly $1 million in T.I.F. money approved last month.

Devillier said there’s room to grow, based upon demand.

We reached out to Greg Roberts, director of Lafayette Regional Airport, who said a new terminal at Acadiana Regional is “…not competition regarding commercial airline passenger service, but is competition for our general aviation operation.”

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