Board member speaks out following allegations

A Saint Landry Parish School Board Member is speaking out concerning allegations of students fabricating a scheme to get a Northwest High School teacher fired.

The teacher was investigated after being accused of an administrative error. St. Landry Parish Board Member, Anthony Standberry, said he does not agree with the reason behind it.

“I don’t like what’s going on. First of all, it seems as though the future of this young lady is being jeopardized behind what I’m beginning to gather as false accusations,” said Standberry.

“One boy was like you need to say that she did do it so we won’t have to take the final,” said one student. Accusations against the teacher came after the student claims other students brainstormed together to create a scheme to skip the final and get the teacher terminated. Standberry said the situation is disturbing.

“What bothers me the most is that the children would fabricate something that could destroy the livelihood of this young lady,” said Standberry.

Another School Board Official said an investigation into the matter was conducted, but Standberry said he and other members were not informed.

“I know nothing about the investigation. I know that board members are not fully aware as to what took place at Northwest and what the results are,” said Standberry. Out of four of the teacher’s U.S. history classes, only one class of about 30 students and a few in her first hour class were retested Wednesday morning. Standberry said if claims against the teacher are untrue, paying $12,600 to retest was unnecessary.

“I would think that’s a waste in taxpayer’s money, whether it comes out of general fund or out of school funds or out of state funds. To retest kids behind this is what I call nonsense,” said Standberry.

Standberry said there should be further investigation into the matter.

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