SLCC to launch a registered nursing program

South Louisiana Community College students now have the opportunity to enroll in a promising new program.

“We’re just excited! This program has been in the works; we’ve been through a couple of steps with the Louisiana State Nursing Board and we are glad to get to this point and get students here this fall” says Catherine Payton, Director of Public Relations at South Louisiana Community College.

After getting the ok from the Louisiana State Board of Nursing, SLCC plans to launch their registered nursing program this fall. It’s a community partnership with local hospitals and the Lafayette Economic Development Authority to fund the Registered Nurses program at South Louisiana Community College.

Though classes begin this fall, administrators are already calling the program a win win situation. “A win for our students, they will be prepared for jobs that are available, high wage jobs that are available in the community. Also, a win for our local economy, healthcare is a driver of our local economy and RNs are needed. Will be able to put in well-prepared workers into the workforce. 

After a lengthy search for qualified teachers, administrators believe they’ve found the right ones for the job.”We have four instructors, masters degreed instructors will be teaching our students first cohort will be forty students starting this fall. The two year accredited program offers those who successfully complete the required courses to earn an associate’s degree in nursing.

Although some year colleges offer this degree, all graduates take the same licensing exam. Certain requirements must be made as well as an admission exam into the program.

For more information on registration visit

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