Suspect caught stealing from Washington’s town barn

On June 11, 2014,  the Washington Police Department arrested Mr. Gordan Tatman, DOB: 09-21-1987 on an arrest Warrant for L.A.R.S. 14:62 Simple Burglary ($5000.00) and R.S. 14:67.7 Theft of Petroleum Products ($550.00). 

Officer’s with the Washington Police Department were working a case of several items which came up missing from the Town Barn where all of the equipment was keep and stored when not in use.  During the officers investigation they obtained a written statement from a confidential informant who stated that he/she observed Mr. Tatman taken several items from the Towns Barn.  

The confidential informant stated to the officers that Mr. Tatman would park his vehicle down the street during the night hours and walk to the gated area where the Town employees filled their vehicles and would cross the fence and fill up gas cans which were also stolen from the Town with gas and then leave.  Over a period of three weeks, it is estimated that Mr. Tatman stole approximately 175 gallons of fuel.  Mr. Tatman also broke into the Building where the Towns equipment was being held and stole chainsaws, weed eaters, and even one blue air compressor.  None of the items have been recovered as of yet but the investigation is ongoing and more arrest will be made. 

The Washington Police Department again would like to thank the citizens of Washington for their assistance. 

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