South Bernard Road Project Plans

Traffic into Broussard off West Pinhook Road may soon be headed for some delays. The city has plans to begin widening South Bernard Road.
We’re told the project came-in about $500,000 less than expected.

That’s means more money for another expansion effort. Broussard spokesperson Amy Jones explains phase one to widen South Bernard Road will cost a little over 4.5 million dollars.

Jones says the Mayor, Charles Langlinais realizes South Bernard is heavy with commercial industry.

Jones: “being able to widen this road is not only going to help elevate the traffic problem but it’s going to help industry move product in and out with much more ease.”

Jones calculates the South Bernard / Fairfield Road Extension project will be funded using taxpayer dollars.

The project for Broussard is a re-investment into the city’s infrastructure.

Jones: “This road project is just another testament to what we’re doing to keep up with the demand of people who want to locate here.”

Dexter Thibodaux is a frequent South Bernard traveler.

He knows the traffic situation can be rough.

Thibodaux: “for work going back and forth to New Iberia. I’m actually from New Iberia and working in Broussard. We travel this every day.” Thibodaux agrees, South Bernard is in need of some widening. It will help especially during rush hour.

Thibodaux: “It probably will make the traffic flow a whole lot better, especially at 5:00pm.”

Allen: “Both business owners and drivers will have to be patient during the construction phase of the project. The city says detour routes will be setup to help out.”

Jones: “To make sure you will have access that is necessary through this thoroughfare while the build out happens.”

Jones expects work on South Bernard to begin as soon as possible since the contract to do the job has been awarded.

Mayor Langlinais is planning to ask the council to use the 500,000 the city saved on this project, towards the widening of Morgan Street from Ambassador to Fairfield Road.

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