Latest Lafayette Fire Destroys Home

Firefighters responded to the scene of another house fire in Lafayette early Friday morning.  It’s the third house fire in less than 36 hours.
While no one was injured in any of the two of the fires that damaged two vacant houses, the third one Destroyed a Lafayette couple’s dream that was being built. 

“I’m just really hurting. Who could have done this? We don’t harm anybody. We’re just going to pray for them.””

Are the words of Mary Sonnier after seeing her dream home completely destroyed by a fire, It is was her son who informed her after he received a call from a neighbor that the home was in flames.

“I didn’t realize how bad it was until i got here. It was like what you see right now. I didn’t see a flame, all I did see was maybe a little smoke. It was just down, it was extinguished by the time I got here “says Carl Sonnier.

Fire investigators determined that whatever caused this fire was done purposely from inside the structure. With other intentional fires throughout the city, questions were raised about a connection.

“We are really trying to determine if these fires are all connected or something else is happening. We haven’t found that sticking point just yet to confirm that they are, but that’s something that the investigation is definitely seeking out. The only commonality at this point is that they were vacant of under construction.” Says LFD Spokesman Alton Trahan.

Neighbors confirmed that the construction site that is barely visible from the road had been used for illegal activity.

“Trahan: “That’s all a part of the investigation. We are removing samples and stuff out of the scene to get it analyzed to see whether or not or if anything was used. You don’t necessarily need anything to start a fire other than an open flame so that’s all a part of the investigation.””

Trahan asks anyone who has information or sees strange or suspicious activity around vacant structures to call the call Crime Stoppers at 232-TIPS.

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