Governor Asks PARCC to Withdraw from Louisiana

In an announcement Wednesday, Governor Bobby Jindal said he sent a letter to the Partnership of Assessment for College and Career Readiness asking the organization to withdraw from the state of Louisiana, immediately.

“That is why it is time for PARCC to withdraw from Louisiana. Today, I have sent PARCC a letter asking them to do so, it is time for the Department of Education and the Board of Secondary and Elementary Education to come up with a better plan and Louisiana standards for the legislature to approve next legislative session” said the governor. Jindal believes those plans should include an assessment formed for Louisiana students.

Jindal says, “We need Louisiana standards and Louisiana test for Louisiana students, not federal standards when we lose local control over what our kids are learning.”

While the governor wants to scrap Common Core, some officials plan to continue to implement the high standards that Common core requires. “Our teachers, our parents and our community need a foundation to build upon. Our students, teachers and parents have learned much this past year and we know that keeping these high standards is what’s best for our kids and our teachers” says Jerome Puyau, Vermilion Parish School Board Superintendent.

Shortly after Jindal’s announcement, State Superintendent of Education, John White, along with the BESE board released a statement saying they intend to keep common core and PARCC testing, as planned.

In Governor Jindal’s statement he also mentioned that he has called for a financial audit of all Louisiana expenditures used on PARCC, to ensure that the competitive bid law is being upheld.

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