LPSS may cut 300 positions

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There’s a possibility that about 100 active personnel in the Lafayette Parish School System will not be returning to school with students in August.

Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper’s latest proposal is meant to cut more than $23 million from the budget.
Cooper’s proposal includes cutting 17 social workers, 43 paraprofessionals, 5 school safety officers, 37 instructional strategists, 17 data managers and 140 teachers. Cuts to teachers include already vacant positions that won’t be filled.
Cooper says these proposed personnel cuts follow administrative cuts and cuts to their central office; 40 percent of their total operating budget for the central office.
But, cooper has another plan.
“The teachers would have to forgo their bonus checks or a portion or those bonus checks,” says Cooper.
Along with dipping into their rainy day fund, he says, personnel cuts could be avoided.
“I think that is a solution most of our teachers would be in favor of we just need to do that for two years to get us over that bridge,” says Cooper.  
School board member Mark Cockerham says he’s against personnel cuts, too.“If we don’t dip into reserves the money needs to come from somewhere…this is a year we should be dipping into our reserves,” says Cockerham.

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