LPSS Superintendent Evaluation Score Above Average

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The Superintendent of Lafayette Parish Schools received his evaluation. The score is above average, but right at the point where the board can dismiss him.

“There’s a lot of shenanigans going on here which is not surprising,” says LPSS Superintendent Dr.

Pat Cooper.Dr. Cooper says several things concern him. The superintendent explains the evaluation is skewed in favor of board members who have been known to vote against him.

“Just giving me zero’s and one’s. You have to be deceased to get a zero I think,” adds Cooper.The terminology he adds is off. His contract doesn’t allow a negative evaluation. He says there’s no definition to define a negative. Plus, the superintendent notes “when you look at the instrument itself, you can have a three and still be average. You don’t get to unsuccessful until you get two’s and one’s.”

Dr. cooper explains he scored a 3.54 and that’s above average according to the evaluation scale. The superintendent confirms it’s also at a job questioning cut-off point.

“I think the whole purpose of this evaluation was to give me a score that was below 4; because five or six members feel like that’s the cut-off point where they could come and try to dismiss me.”

The superintendent wants what he calls “games” to end. He wants to get back to educating children. “‘I’m okay. These numbers don’t really mean anything to me because I think they were created in the minds of people who wanted to either help me or do damage to me and it wasn’t based on performance.”

Dr. Cooper suspects the board may try to terminate him, but he believes he’s legally on solid ground. Just to name a few: According to the superintendent’s review of the Evaluation Compilation he found Board Member Mark Babineaux issued 13 zero’s, Tommy Angelle nine zero’s and Dr. Tehmi Chassion submitted 23 zero’s.

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