Opelousas man killed in Wednesday shooting

In Opelousas, family and friends gathered together to remember 19-year-old Donnie Sam. Sam was shot to death on Truman Street around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Mark Rubin, a resident in the neighborhood, said he found Sam’s lifeless body after hearing gunfire outside of his home. “I live across the street and I heard the gunshots. Ya’ll need to get down to the bottom of this because I came out here and seen this young man laying right here,” said Rubin. Sam was found to have died from three gunshot wounds.

Opelousas Police Chief, Perry Gallow, said the department is working carefully to build a case against the alleged shooter. ” We need to remember that this was a child, a son, a grandson, a brother, a cousin and we’re trying to make sure that we build a strong case against the person that did this,” said Chief Gallow.

Gallow said the motive of the shooting is unknown at this time, but they do have a person of interest in connection to the fatal shooting.

“We do have a considerable amount of evidence that we’re hoping to be able to validate that it is indeed the individual that we have,” said Gallow. Sam’s aunt, Stephanie White-Sam, said the family just wants the person responsible to be brought to justice.

“We just would like closure for the family. He was a sweet laid back guy. He didn’t bother anybody and we’re really hurting. We just need closure,” said White-Sam.

According to Chief Gallow, this is the fifth homicide this year. He said this is the highest number of homicides the city has seen in a number of years.

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