LEDA State of the Economy address

It was packed house of Lafayette’s most prominent business leaders at Thursday’s State of the Economy luncheon. There was a lot of good news regarding Lafayette’s progress over the last year.
According to LEDA president and CEO Gregg Gothreaux, Lafayette ranks in many categories like “Best Performing City” and “Manufacturing Employment Leader”. Gothreaux says digital media, manufacturing, and the medical industry are the city’s most promising leads.
“We got 40% of the workforce that is employed, creating wealth or adding high value and that’s a winning combination that’s kept our community doing pretty well for 15 years,” said Gothreaux.
Since the 2010 census, Lafayette has grown by roughly 9,000 people, bringing the population to around 230,000. Of those, 1-in-3 has a bachelor’s degree or higher.
“Just in 2011, 1,900 people moved in that had a college degree,” said Gothreaux. “And that would add something like $100 million to the income of our parish, which is phenomenal.”
As of march of this year, the economy is the strongest it’s been since august 2007. Home sales are up by 21%. Gothreaux hopes this data will be inspiring for attendees.
“It’s a call to action, particularly to our business leaders and our younger business leaders to not only make this a great community, but with a great quality of life and a great economy,” said Gothreaux.

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