Duson PD Chief Under Scrutiny

Duson Police Chief Frank Andrew is apparently taking some heat for the way he spends his time, both on and off the job. Today Duson Mayor Johnny Thibodeaux held a meeting on the issue. Several months ago Chief Frank Andrew took a leave of absence.

While he was away and since his return, questions have surfaced about where and why he was gone. And today Mayor Thibodeaux read a statement from an unnamed individual who claims to have seen the chief gambling at a casino on June 10th while he was supposedly on duty.

Chief Andrew left the meeting but later spoke to news ten.

“I’m being indirectly harassed. You’re calling a special meeting. You could have called me at house and said chief; it’s inappropriate to put a couple of dollars in a machine. Okay I’ll stop “”

Any future discussion of the issue was tabled after the chief indicated he intends to seek legal counsel.

Under state law Chief Andrews was entitled to have the matter discussed behind closed doors, in executive session, but when he was offered that option he agreed to a public meeting.

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