Foundation Provides Scholarships for Children of Fallen Soldiers

The lives of five children were forever changed when their fathers died in battle. Another life-changing event came Friday, when they found out they would be attending college for free.

“I didn’t expect and it’s a blessing really i wasn’t it’s amazing basically,” said Tristan Burge, a recipient of scholarship money from A Soldier’s Child Foundation.

“It’s pretty incredible. A lot of people have debt going into college. You know? I won’t have that,” said Cody Dronet, another recipient.

A Soldier’s Child Foundation is a non-profit for the children of fallen military personnel. The foundation is paying for their tuition and more.

“Tuition, books any bill they would have towards college,” said Daryl Mackin, founder of the foundation.

The recipients were surprised at the Bristow hangar at Acadiana Regional Airport.

Chief Pilot Don Robson said the company bought presents for 93 other children of fallen military personnel.

The company also paid for 35 of them to go to A Soldier’s Child summer camp.

“Any time you can support the children or the people that pay the ultimate sacrifice for our country—it’s invaluable,” said Robson.

Robson tells us by the end of the day Bristow spent over $64,000 on the gifts and to send the kids to camp.

With their blank check for college, 16-year-old Dronet said the possibilities are endless.

“I’ve always dreamed of going to LSU,” said Dronet.

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