LPSS Budget Raises Public Concerns

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Ella Arsement is a member of the Lafayette Parish Public Education Stakeholders Council. LaPESC is an independent coalition with a commitment to improve academic achievement in Lafayette Parish.  “It’s very disheartening that when you don’t have enough money for the expenses that we need to better education or to fix the facilities or to add or build new schools.”

Arsement is a familiar face at the parish school board meetings. She realizes a decision will have to be made and cutting expenditures at the classroom level could be an option. “If you’re not going to use reserves money to support the programs that are already in place, then they’re going to have to do something to have a balanced budget.”

A budget the board president, Dr. Hunter Beasley explains will be reviewed with one focus in mind. “We’re going to do whatever we can do to protect the delivery of instruction to students in Lafayette Parish,” says Dr. Beasley.

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