Friends recount fallen deputy

On Tuesday, like any other morning, locals were gathering for breakfast at Comeaux’s Cafe in Abbeville.
But, it wasn’t like any other day. One of their regulars, Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Allen Bares was shot and killed, the night before, and would never walk through those doors again.
Waitress Robin Luquette and customers kept up their morning tradition, but conversation wasn’t nearly the same.
“It’s gonna be a long time before anyone around here gets over that. Mr. Allen was loved by everybody,” said Luquette.
Luquette, said, especially by his family.
“Even if Miss Tina took lunch across the street at the courthouse, she’d come across the street just to visit with him for a minute or two and give him a kiss and go back…He loved his friends, he loved his kids and boy did he love his wife,” said Luquette.
Luquette has been waiting tables at Comeaux’s for over nine years—that’s how long she knew Bares.
“Some people are going to tell you he was a quiet guy, but I knew him as a funny guy. He had a lovely sense of humor and even on a bad day he always made me laugh,” said Luquette.
Elray Schexnaider said he watched Bares grow, as a friend of the family, and stayed in touch as regulars at Comeaux’s.
“I’ve always known him to be an outgoing person; compassionate person; and a very family oriented person,” said Schexnaider.
Schexnaider, like the other regulars, is still trying to get over the shock.
“Of all people, you know? Nobody deserves to be shot, but certainly not this guy. He didn’t deserve it. He didn’t deserve it,” said Schexnaider.

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