Caring for the elderly

The month of June is almost over, but before it is we’re highlighting National Safety Month. Each June, the national safety council brings attention to key safety issues, one being limiting the amounts of slip, trips and falls from our senior citizens.

“We care very much about our senior population. Things have changed you know as they’ve gotten older. Their needs and their limits as to what they can and can not do have changed.” said Senior care Educator Deborah Gillock.

Deborah Gillock, a senior caregiver educator, says while the month of June is national safety month, a senior citizen’s home should always be checked for any objects that could endanger their health.

“It’s very, very important to ensure that every senior who can remain in their home remains in a safe environment.” said Gillock.

According to Gillock, many safety hazards for seniors could be throw rugs, extension cords, and wet floors. Gillock says bathrooms should be paid the most attention since that is the room that most injuries occur.

“The number one cause of emergency room visits with our senor population..people over 65 years old are as a result of a fall.”Mister Arthur Foss, a senior client at home instead in Lafayette, says he understands that slips and falls are more dangerous at his age.

“They’re very aware of me having a tendency at my age which is 89 fall. So they have routines that I go through that help prevent that from happening.” said Foss. Beverly Ardoin, Foss’s caregiver, says it means a lot during this month and every month to be able to make a safer environment for others.

“They know that they’re safe because I’m here. I mean that just means a lot.” said Ardoin.Home instead offers free home inspections. You can visit their website at

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