Suspects in deputy fatal have burglary priors

The two men accused of gunning down Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Allen Bares were allegedly fleeing from the scene of an earlier burglary just down the road when they wrecked their getaway car and were spotted by Deputy Bares who dialed 9-1-1 and confronted the two suspects on South Hospital Drive.


“A twelve year veteran police officer, on his day off, was gunned down and murdered when he attempted to stop a crime or notice a crime that had occurred,” said Parish Sheriff Mike Couvillon during a press conference on Tuesday.


According to court records, both suspects—Quintylan Richard, 20, and Baylon Taylor, 19—both have previous arrests for burglary.


Richard has been convicted three times for burglary or burglary related offenses.


The last one got him three years in prison.


Taylor has never been convicted, but in December of last year, he was formally arraigned on charges of burglary of an inhabited dwelling and has been free awaiting trial.


Now both are accused of murdering a law enforcement officer. The penalty for which, if convicted, can carry the death penalty.


“We certainly understand it is a law enforcement officer, and although not in uniform at the time, he was still a police officer and identified himself as such. So, we perhaps try to give a little extra attention to it,” said District Attorney Mike Harson.


Death penalty cases don’t happen very often and in most cases the jury is unwilling or unable to return a death penalty verdict.


“It’s been awhile since anybody has been put to death. As I recall, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a death penalty imposed from this area. But, they do face it,” said Harson.

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