BESE to meet on Gov. Jindal mandates

Gov. Bobby Jindal has booted out the latest Common Core testing for Louisiana; telling the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) to get back to the drawing board.

Holly Boffy, a member of BESE, said the state joined the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers—more commonly known as PARCC—back in 2010.

“The decision to go with Common Core and PARCC date back four years,” said Boffy.

Gov. Jindal dropped it last Wednesday. He said state laws were violated and there was no competitive bidding process to pick that test for Common Core.

“The purpose for this special meeting is for the board to be briefed on the executive orders issued by the governor,” said Boffy.

BESE members will meet next Tuesday to discuss their options.

“We will not take any motions in executive session, so whatever we decide to do as a board will take place in the public eye,” said Boffy.

The meeting will be an executive session, so that means the public will not be allowed in the room on July 1st. Boffy said members of the board will be speaking will the state Department of Education’s legal team to find out all the details surrounding Gov. Jindal’s decision to dump the PARCC assessment.

“I’m not sure what the discussion of that will look like or where the different BESE members fall,” said Boffy.

News Ten reached out to Gov. Jindal ahead of the meeting and he had this to say, “there is plenty of time to issue an RFP (which is the bidding process) for a new test, and DOE needs to do its job and come up with a plan.”

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