Councilman addresses recent spike in crime

Recognizing a rise in violent crime, Lafayette Law Enforcement and community leaders gathered to fight it. “I really come to you today with a heavy, heavy heart,” said Kenneth Boudreaux, Lafayette Councilman. 

Boudreaux said the community needs to come together. “We need help. We need help with supervision. We need families to come together again and start caring and looking out for each other. We need families to take a vested interest in what’s going on in Lafayette,” said Boudreaux. 

Lafayette Police Chief, Jim Craft, said many of the crimes in the community are being committed by juveniles prompting the department to reimplement “The Explore Program”. He said it gives youth the tools they need to be productive members of society. 

“We will see if maybe we can make a difference in getting to these kids before they end up on the streets with a gun and do something that takes a life,” said Chief Craft. Lieutenant Mark Francis, with Lafayette Police Department, said the summer season sees some of the highest crime rates in the area and the department is putting their summer initiative into action. 

“We put a couple billboards into precinct four soliciting the community’s support asking everyone that live in the neighborhoods to get involved and work with law enforcement so we can put our hand on this so we can try to reduce crime from occurring,” said Francis. 

In an effort to reduce gunplay in the city, Councilman Boudreaux said he’s implementing the first gun buyback program that allows citizens to participate and remain anonymous. “I’ve reached out to friends and supporters to in an attempt to raise five-thousand dollars to buy 100 guns off of the streets,” said Boudreaux. 

Boudreaux said he’s also offering fifty dollars to anyone who wants to turn in a gun. 

He said by no means is this about gun control, but an attempt to keep guns out of the wrong hands and reduce violent crime in Lafayette. Councilman Boudreaux said the gun buyback program will begin this Saturday June28th, at “The New Church” located on Louisiana Avenue.

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