Council endorses PlanLafayette

Members of the Lafayette City-Parish Council made a major decision to endorse PlanLafayette and the Downtown Action Plan. 

Many were in attendance Tuesday evening to hear the approval of a resolution for PlanLafayette. Chief Development Officer Kevin Blanchard said, the council’s action is what he would call an accomplishment. 

“We successfully came to the council as a community and they saw the wisdom in the comp plan that was adopted on June 10th by the planning commission and gave it their endorsement,” said Blanchard. 

Blanchard said it’s a big relief for thousands in the community who volunteered and have participated in the comprehensive plan events. He said now it’s time to begin the real work. 

“We’ve got to take a look at our development codes and how we can make it easier to do good development in town. We’re going to look at the way we build streets and how we can make it easier to walk and ride bikes,” said Blanchard. 

Blanchard said they’re also going to take a look at neighborhoods to see how they can enhance areas that are in need most. 

Chief Executive Officer of Downtown Development Nathan Norris said, it’s been 25 years since the downtown area has been reviewed for development and this plan is necessary for growth. 

“This is very important for our community because we have been going for a long time without a really strong vision for how we are going to grow our community and that’s resulted in a lot of bad things,” said Norris.

Norris said following the endorsement by the council, he hopes the plan will continue to receive support in the years to come. 

“When we come back to the council meeting in the future whether it be for funding or some particular policy or action item that falls under those plans then I hope they’ll be supportive at that time as well,” said Norris.

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