Dogs brought back to Iberia animal shelter

For animal shelters, rescue organizations mean the difference between life and death for thousands of animals. But those roles switched Tuesday, after word rescue dogs were facing death at a kill shelter in Tangipahoa Parish.

“Going to another kill shelter is obviously not where we intended for them to go,” said Krista Burgett, Director of the Iberia Parish Animal Shelter.

Every month, 250 dogs come and go through their doors and now they’re taking back dogs they initially handed over to a rescuer out of Tangipahoa Parish. 

It’s all because those animals were found in bad conditions. Burgett says they’ve worked with this particular rescuer many times and this is just a case of good rescue, gone bad.

“She really just got overwhelmed,” said Burgett. “She pulled 47 dogs in the last year. But, she wasn’t able to move the dogs as quickly as you’re supposed to move them and we didn’t realize it was that bad.”

Tuesday afternoon, several dogs were transported from Tangipahoa back to where they started—in Iberia Parish. Their health will be evaluated and another rescue effort will begin. 

Burgett says despite the setback, she’s confident these dogs will have another shot at finding a forever home.

“It’s a team effort. We can’t do it alone. We have high hopes,” said Burgett. “They most likely will not be put down because the rescue community has big hearts and will for the ones we’re pulling back.”

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