Lafayette PD increase patrols for July Fourth

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As Fourth of July celebrations go well into the night and the booze continues to flow, you might want to think twice before getting behind the wheel.

“We are going to be doing some saturation patrols not only in Lafayette, but around the city…We put more officers out there in trying to find those impaired drivers,” said Lafayette Police spokesman Paul Mouton.

There won’t be any OWI check points—time and money instead going towards beefing up patrols.

“It’s something we utilize off a grant. We pay additional officers on their time off and they get paid over time and saturate certain areas of town looking for impaired drivers,” said Mouton.

But, there’s no telling where these patrols will be located or how many patrols will be added for the holiday weekend. “We don’t release numbers,” said Mouton.

Numbers released by the federal government show the Fourth of July holiday period as one of the most deadly on the road. According to their statistics, between 2008 and 2012, 765 people lost their life in a crash involving a drunk driver.

 “Impaired drivers can be anywhere in the city. We are going to have celebrations at personal homes, businesses, and someone consuming alcohol can anywhere in the city. So, you have to be mindful. If someone sees a vehicle that they feel the person is impaired, they should call 911,” said Mouton.

You can avoid a crash or OWI by having a designated driver or sleeping wherever you’ll be celebrating, said Mouton.

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